DIY Bike Repair Stand

Now that I’m starting to get into bike maintenance a little more a bike repair stand would come in pretty handy in my basement workshop. Based on the research I’ve done online most repair stands are going to cost you $100 or up. That’s a little steep for my limited budget so I’ve been researching some do it yourself alternatives.

While googling around I found a couple pretty good instructables designs. Both use inexpensive 3/4 inch threaded plumbing pipe, but I think I prefer this padded top tube support design to the raised single spring clamp approach. My Trek bike has three cables running the length of the top tube so the spring clamp wouldn’t really work with it. I also found a PVC bench-top design that has a cleverly designed (and more conventional) post clamp, but I think I prefer metal pipe for the base.

Also for future reference, here’s a metal stand pvc clamp design more along the lines of what I’m looking for.