Norco Single Speed Project

I’ve been working on building up a winter single speed mountain bike at the pedals2people garage the last few weeks and it’s finally nearing completion. Last night I installed the stem, handlebars and brake levers and it’s really starting to look like a pretty decent bike. Unfortunately my phone wasn’t charged when I pulled it out to snap a quick picture last night, otherwise I’d definitely be showing it off on here.

Since my bike is just about ready to go, I started researching cheap mountain bike tires when I got home last night. Nashbar has some nifty red Michelin tires that I thought would have looked pretty sweet with my black frame, but John recommended that I swing by my LBS because they would probably have some decent ones for pretty cheap. I stopped by Wheelsport South tonight on the way home from work and sure enough they had a set of virtually new 26×2.1″ Kenda Klaw XTs and tubes for $15 each.

Kenda Klaw XT I got a kick out of riding home one handed while carrying the two tires bandolier style. I even did some one handed single track riding when I took the shortcut from Southeast Blvd over to 34th on the way home. Despite the awkward cargo, the ride home went well until the rain really picked up around 49th. It stopped pretty quickly though so I didn’t need to get out my rain jacket again.

At any rate, there’s another p2p garage night tomorrow so I may just have to see if I can get free to stop by and install some tires.