Norco Progress

Last night was another productive one at the P2P garage. I was able to put my new Kenda tires on the Norco’s rims and finish running the rear brake cable. I still need to adjust my v-brakes a bit because they weren’t able to lock up my wheels once I started rolling the bike around on the ground. I also noticed the front pads on the v-brakes were pretty worn as well so next time I’ll try to find some that are in better shape.

    Brake adjustments aside, all the Norco really needs at this point is a chain and some handlebar grips.  <a href="" title="John Speare">John</a> found me some beefier pedals that I'm probably going to swap out too, but that's about it.  Then it will definitely be time for a test ride.    Down the road I'd also like to replace the rear cassette with a single cog plus spacers, but that's a project for after I've got a better feel for the bike.  I think this bike will be a good one  to finally do some tooling around on the trails just below High Drive.

    I finished up with a few pictures using my phone's camera last night, but they all came out a bit blurry in the low fluorescent light unfortunately.  This one provides some semblance of how it's all coming together though.

    <img src="" alt="Norco Cherokee beater snow bike project." align="middle" height="360" width="480" />