Glenrose Commute

So far this month I’ve been riding every day as planned, but 9 straight days of 20 km or less has felt sort of insufficient. This morning I finally dragged myself out of bed early enough to go farther and got in a longish commute ride via Glenrose and 17th.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Glenrose.  On the one hand I really enjoy riding through the semi-rural countryside at the foot of Browne's Mountain, on the other it's probably the least bike friendly route that I ride with any regularity.  The shoulder is nonexistent for most of the way and coming home up the hill there's almost a headwind.  On top of that there are a lot of double yellows along the way and and a couple 90° turns just past 29th that make things a little aggravating for cars trying to pass-- even when you're hugging the white line.
    <img src="" alt="Glenrose corners." align="middle" height="360" width="480" />

    Despite the suboptimal conditions, most of the cars that drive around their our great at sharing the road and give me a wider berth than necessary when they pass.   Of course there are occasional exceptions.  Today on the way into work one guy actually rolled down his passenger window and yelled at me to get off the road just before 29th.  At least I think that's what he was trying to say.  His voice was weak and all I caught was a faint "road."

    The rest of the ride was completely uneventful and enjoyable enough that I decided to ride the route in reverse on the way home after work.  That ride ended up great, 17th to Glenrose is my favorite gradual climb up the South Hill and today there was a gentle rain most of the way too.  By the time I got up to 57th it was raining a bit harder and blowing into my face, but I didn't mind at all.  It felt good to get in almost 40 km total for the day.  I'm definitely going to have to get in some longer rides again this weekend.