Last week I was reading through some old blog posts by Pacific Northwest distance cycling legend Kent Peterson and I discovered a post about a Canadian organization called CKAP (or the Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program). CKAP is all about tracking your cycling kms on a weekly basis and turning them in at the end of the year in an effort to reach several cumulative milestones. Since I already track these numbers pretty obsessively it seems like kind of a no brainer to join the fun before the end of the year. Lifetime membership is $35 for Americans ($30 for Canadians) and you only pay an additional fee each time you qualify to receive one of the incentive badges or medals (plus certificate).

    Looking at the CKAP incentive scale, I qualified for the Bronze Badge (1000 km) back in August and should reach the Silver Badge (2500 km in a few days).  Of course those numbers completely pale in comparison to the 19,323 km Kent did in 2006.  Incidentally, Kent was only 6th on last year's list despite his impressive total.  The overall leader for 2006 was a Canadian uber cyclist named <a href="">Ken Bonner</a>.  Ken averaged well over a metric century a day to rack up 50,934 km total for the year!  Just to put that distance further into perspective, it's the equivalent of cycling one and a quarter times around the Earth at the equator.