Commuting Week in Review

Monday (83 km): Day off so long ride out to Spangle and then Cheney. Felt good. P2P garage in the evening.

    <strong>Tuesday (13 km):</strong>  Back to work after day off.  Overslept so I decided to drive in. After dinner got in a good 40 minute/13km night ride in the rain.  Also tested out some old  green nylon pants I've had forever.  The pants turned out to be only slightly rain repellant, but dried quickly.  Better than nothing, but not great.

    <strong>Wednesday (20 km):</strong> Typical commute: Bernard in the morning, Southeast Blvd - Upper Terrace - Hatch - Arthur on the way home.

    <strong>Thursday (22 km):</strong>  Took Southeast Blvd starting from 29th on for change of pace.  Felt okay in the morning and completely sluggish and run down on the way home after work. Being a little overdressed on the way home didn't help things either.

    <strong>Friday (21 km):</strong> Normal commute in the morning, but had <a href="">a flat tire incident at work</a> just after lunch. It was a little windy, but I felt great on the ride home wearing just my long sleeve jersey and shorts.