Pumpkin Season

It’s pumpkin carving season at the Gilman household.

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/pumpkins1-20071025-225423.jpg" alt="2007 Pumpkins" align="middle" height="288" width="480" />

    And believe it or not, like most things on 100 KM, this is post has a cycling component.  Maybe this picture will help:

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/pumpkins2-20071025-230557.jpg" align="middle" height="180" width="480" />

    Still not obvious?

    Allow me to present the <a href="http://pedals2people.org">Pedals 2 People</a> Pumpkin!

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/pumpkin3-20071025-230928.jpg" alt="P2P Pumpkin" align="middle" height="640" width="480" />