Spokane River Sunset

I felt like extending my ride home last night to pick up a few more kms before the end of the month so I headed west on Ohio Ave along the north ridge overlooking the Spokane River. The setting sun was in my eyes for most of that portion of the ride, but it made for some pretty lighting looking back towards downtown Spokane.

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/maplesunset-20071030-232327.jpg" align="middle" height="360" width="480" />

    My phone's camera doesn't really do this Maple Street Bridge scene justice, but I was just happy to have enough charge to snap a couple pictures at the time.

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/spokaneriver-20071030-233109.jpg" align="middle" height="360" width="480" />

    Further west along Ohio Ave looking back east and down at the Spokane River.

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/ohioavesunset-20071030-233648.jpg" align="middle" height="360" width="480" />

    Looking west and down at the Spokane River below.

    Once I descended off the ridge and crossed the river I saw some massive leaf piles in High Bridge Park, but I didn't stop to get any pictures.