3000 km

Today during a rain-soaked morning ride I reached my distance goal for November. My odometer crossed the 3000 km mark somewhere in the vicinity of 49th and Crestline, but I didn’t have a phone or camera with me to capture the exact moment. Here’s where I ended up for the day.

    <img src="http://myskitch.com/axodys/3000km-20071117-222507.jpg" alt="3000 km" align="middle" height="480" width="360" />

    Now if I can get in a little over 200 more km  by the end of the month I'll have logged 2000 total miles since my cycling renaissance began in May.  Getting those last kilometers could be tougher though as we're expecting our first snow of the winter this week and I'm going to be dealing with those conditions for the first time.