Back In The Saddle

Snowy Driveway Tracks

Had a fun ride this evening after a four day break from riding. Yes, I finally broke my string of consecutive riding days on Wednesday when Mary and I welcomed our son Nathan into the world. The current record is 72 days– hopefully I’ll get a chance to beat that early in 2008.

We had about an inch of snow today and that made enjoyable riding on my Nokian tires. I’m finding that riding on snow is pretty fun on my Trek until you get up over 3 inches than it starts to get tricky as you bog down. Still waiting to take the Norco on its maiden snow voyage. I need to knock out the front fender and get a dedicated tail light for it. The coroplast rear fender turned out pretty styling and the front one should be pretty sweet once I finish it.

The other cool thing about night time snow rides around Spokane is all the ambient light after dark. Tonight it was generally light enough that I couldn’t make out the usual pool of light from my headlight.

No commuting to work for a while because I’m taking some time off to help Mary and the family to adjust to Nathan’s arrival, but I expect to get in plenty of short rides.