2007 in Review

First off before I get into the actual year in review, I got my last short ride of the year in this evening after an embarrassing number of days off. Besides getting in a last few kms for the year it gave me a chance to test out the holiday lighting I installed on my Norco. The LED lit front wheel was definitely a success and I plan to leave the lights installed at least through January for occasional night time activation.

    Now onto the 2007 year in review:

    180 km

    Through a combination of rising gas prices, some healthy lifestyle programs at work and discovering <a href="http://cyclingspokane.blogspot.com">John Speare's blog</a> I finally got motivated to start riding my bike to work occasionally for the first time in seven years.  Bought a cycle computer, a rear rack and a pannier-- the rest is history.

    291 km

    My fitness level gradually began to improve and  by the end of the month I was able to ride to and from work Monday through Friday without being completely exhausted.

    <strong> July</strong>
    391 km

    Rode from my house up to Mary's parents' house for the first time.  It's a 29 km ride that takes just over an hour since it's mostly downhill and flat in that direction.

    523 km

    Rode my bike to High Bridge Park, participated in the Cycling the Bridges ride and then rode home.  I  was kind of surprised by the number of people that brought their bikes by car, but probably shouldn't have been.  I also was pretty sure that I recognized John Speare and his daughter on their tandem, but failed to introduce myself.

    700 km

    Rode my first metric century on the Centennial Trail to the Idaho border and back home on my birthday.  Did it in just a little over 4 hours of riding time too.

    Finally met John when we met up to map my morning commute route.  Went to my first P2P garage night and started building up my Norco single speed snow bike.

    609 km

    Got in my last long ride of the year while exploring some country roads out by Spangle and then looped back home via the Fish Lake Trail and the Cheney Spokane Road.

    Finished the Norco and started commuting on it to get a feel for the single speed life.  Really happy with the way it performed.

    426 km

    Got to experience my first real winter riding (fun!) when the snow arrived, but never established a route that I was completely comfortable commuting on in snowy conditions and my monthly riding distance began to suffer accordingly.

    123 km

    Snowy conditions, a new addition to the family and the holidays conspire to drastically reduce my riding.


    Total 2007 riding distance: 3251.6 km (just over 2000 miles).  Total rides: 255.

    I'm disappointed in how things tapered off in December, but overall 2007 was an awesome, life changing year as far as cycling goes for me.   I'm excited about the growing Spokane cycling community and I'm excited to do a lot more riding in 2008.