2008 Randonneuring Season

The Seattle International Randonneur’s had their first brevet of the season last Saturday so I’m living vicariously through the various ride reports that I’ve come across (Matt Mikul, Paul Whitney, Lynne F, Robert Higdon). Last fall I had hoped to be able to ride it and a few others this spring, but my new baby break in December extended a little longer than anticipated. It didn’t help that I didn’t put any time on the track stand once the snow took over and I realized in January the overall logistics and my general fitness were just not in alignment with doing the early season brevets. It’s going to be a few more months of riding and commuting to get back to where I was at the end of last year. On the other hand I’m still way ahead of where I started last May.

I was kind of bummed out today when I saw that the 300k brevet at the end of the month begins and ends in Lacey. My brother and his family live in Olympia so it would have been really easy to stay with them and then take part in the ride.

At this point I’m thinking about entering the brevet series at the end of July and middle of August, but we’ll see how it goes. One way or another I’m going to get in some 100 km+ rides here in Eastern Washington well before then.