Cycling Links for July 17

In an effort to liven up the blog a little bit I’m trying something new here and posting a daily recap of interesting cycling links I’ve come across.  No promises that this will be a permanent ongoing thing, just something I want to test out.

[Jack Taylor Cycles](
I discovered Joel Metz’s awesome compilation of information about Jack Taylor bicycles while researching one I found on eBay (alas didn’t win that auction either). They were a small three brother shop in England that specialized in hand built steel frames for over 50 years before they finally closed up shop for good in the 90s.
[Freeman Transport](
Fixed speed bicycles built in Missoula with S&S couplers for easy break down and transport. No brakes – no gear – no fuss. Simplicity itself.
[Squirrel Test | Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery – Bicycle Comics](
Heh! Guess I’m not the only one wondering about the whole carbon fiber vs. squirrel issue!
[Quick & Easy Bicycle Skirt Guards – Instructables](
Good information that goes beyond simply adding fenders to your bike for additional clothing protection.
[Wise Words – Sweat Free Commuting](
Good tips for dealing with one of the significant factors that keeps people from commuting by bike.
[Longtail Bikes: A Review and Buying Guide | MetaEfficient](
Great run down (with pictures) on several different designs in the emerging cargo/utility bike scene. Something along the lines of the Xtracycle/Big Dummy is going to be my next car ;)!
Really cool hiking trails resource for Washington, Oregon, Alaska and California. My only disappointment is that Spokane County is virtually undocumented and I know we have plenty of trails around here.