Cycling Links for July 18

[Klunkerz, A Film About Mountain Bikes](
Yet another cool bike related documentary that I hope to watch at some point. Klunkerz is the story of the birth of mountain biking in Northern California.
[Where was my bike made? –](
I knew that a lot of manufacturing gets outsourced to Asia (and China and Taiwan in particular), but based on this page it looks like only 1 or 2 manufacturers don’t build at least some of their bikes there.
[Wheels North](
Recreating the epic 1909 adventure of two young cyclists: Santa Rosa, California, to Seattle, Washington, by bicycle to help fight Histiocytosis. July 4 to July 17, 2009
[DC Rainmaker: Bizarre Bike Barrage](
3 somewhat strange bike designs- the Ice Cream Bike being the coolest of course.
[Make your own bite-valve hydration system – Instructables](
Nifty do it yourself alternative to buying a Camelback or similar hydration system. The main drawback to this design is requires a lathe and milling equipment most people don’t have access to.
[Gas prices up, auto deaths down –](
It’s heartening to find yet another a silver lining for increasing gas prices in the form of reduced fatalities. As a parent it’s also pretty frightening to be reminded of how many traffic fatalities involve teenage drivers.