Cycling Links for July 20

Happily I haven’t run into too many bike lane violations here in Spokane (and it doesn’t look like anyone else has yet either), but if and when I do I’ll know where to go.
[Carbon C-Thru Road Frame](
![carbon c-thru road frame](
This carbon fiber design looks like the unholy melding of a steel truss bridge and a bicycle.
[Eric Stallers Conference Bike!](
This bicycle could easily increase most meeting productivity by 100%!
![conference bike](
[A Family on Bikes Travels the World on Bicycles](
A family in the middle of an epic bike tour from Alaska all the way to Argentina (currently in Northern Canada).
[CAGEPACK Bike Bottle Cage Bag](
I like the idea of main triangle area storage that doesn’t completely replace your bottle cages. These bags could be a good places to store things like cell phones, energy bars or other smaller items you want to store, but have close at hand.
Promising bike blog with a lot of good storage and rack ideas.