Cycling Links For July 23

[Steampunk Recumbent](
[![](]( Magnificent steampunk tadpole recumbant. It looks like it might even have a Fastboy wooden fender in back. Love the inventor’s period attire as well.
[Yukon Update Video from the Vogel Family](
A quick update video from the [Vogel Family]( as they travel through the Yukon near the beginning of their 2+ year journey from Alaska to Argentina.
[Flickr Related Tag Browser](
Unique interface that makes browsing Flickr images by tags simple and easy.
[The Saturn V Cycling Jersey](
When I was in elementary school I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut and fly on the shuttle. That didn’t happen, but I still love this cycling jersey based on the Saturn V rocket.
[Mapping Sites for Cyclists](
I was familiar with a few of these ride mapping sites, but it looks like there are a few more I should check out.
[Bike Tree ](
Futuristic vertical replacement for the bike rack.
[Bicycle Gear Inch and Shifting Pattern Calculator](
Really useful tool for figuring out optimal chain wheel and cassette gearing combinations when setting up your bike’s drive train. Also generates nice tables listing speeds for a given gear combination and cadence.
[Specialized Langster Seattle on Flickr](
[![](]( A nice blend of a modern frame with retro styling.
[Couch O Fenders on Flickr](
[![](]( A couch full of sweet looking wood Fastboy fenders.
[WorkCycles: Cargobike, Bakfiets & Dutch bike specialist in…](
Amsterdam bike store specializing in unique cargo bike designs.
[How to ride your first 100 miler.](
Good advice for training to ride a long off road ride.
[Fat Cyclist Meme – 100km](
[![](](../151/fat-cyclist-bike-meme/) The Fat Cyclist started a bicycling blog questionnaire meme yesterday. This is my response.