Cycling Links For July 22

[08 Redmond Derby Days Crit Crash](
[![](]( Ouch! Spokane cycling blogger Taylor gets caught in a huge wipeout.
[The Slow Bicycle Movement](
[![The Slow Bicycle Movement Banner](]( It’s about riding your bicycle. To work, to play. Casually, in a relaxed manner. With time to enjoy the self-propelled movement that you and you alone generate. And, of course, to look around and see the landscape – urban or not – that you pass by at your leisurely pace.
Very cool cycling blog about Amsterdam and its bicycling culture in particular.
[Felony Flight](
Nice little Bill Ketzer short story about a biker vs. bike police.
[Woodys Custom Cycling Fenders](
[![](]( Really beautiful custom wood bicycle fenders made by Woody in his garage in Bend, OR.
[How To Make Wooden Fenders](
Good article on making your own wooden bike fenders. This is a project that I could definitely see doing for some bikes down the road because it’s not all that complicated and the main power tool required is a table saw.
[Fastboy Fenders: Sold Fenders](
[![](]( Beautiful wooden fenders for your vintage bike or stylin’ fixie.
[What To Bring On A One-night Campout](
Good list of the basics you need to do a s24o (sub 24 hour overnight) camping trip by bike. I really need to get a compact sleeping bag and bivy/tent at some point.
[![](]( Gallery of 6 classy looking fixie bikes.