Cycling Links for July 24

[ 3G iPhone vs. Garmin Edge 705 for biking || Mountain Bike Blog ||…](
Good head to head comparison of the iPhone 3G vs. the Garmin Edge 705 for your cycling needs.
[Joel Building Fire Photos – ](
[![Flames pour out of the Joel Building as firefighters look on.]( "Joel Building Fire")]( I used to commute by this building all the time when I lived in an apartment on the lower South Hill. It’s a shame to see another one of downtown Spokane’s classy old brick buildings destroyed.
[Cycling Up Hills Made Easy – CyclePig](
Good tips for hill climbing. I’m much better about spinning my way home than I was last year when I started commuting, but I’m still reluctant to use my 28t chain ring. I think a compact double is going to suit me just fine on my next bike.
[ Worlds Weirdest and Largest Bikes – Life in the Fast Lane](
[![](]( “El Diablo” isn’t just a crazy Tour de France fan he’s a bicycle building nut as well.
[Why Do You Climb? – Fat Cyclist](
I climb almost every day because I have to. I live on top of a hill.
[Stolen Bikes (JPEG Image, 2272×1704 pixels)](
![]( Holy cow that’s a lot of bikes in one yard. I wonder how many shipping containers all those could fill for the [Village Bicycle Project](
[55 Free Bike Route Mapping Tools & BikeHacks](
[]( An even bigger list of bike route mapping tools to play with.
[Bike Shops share the blame in the slow growth of bike commuting |…](
This article makes me curious as to which Spokane area bike shops are most friendly to bicycle commuters. Something I may have to look into further at some point.