Cycling Links for July 27

[Pimp Your Bike: Cerevellum – ecogadget](
[![Bike computer mockup.](]( The ultimate bike computer with built in rear video!
[One minute project: Bike tube rubber bands – ](
[![](]( Good use for expired inner tubes that hadn’t occurred to me before I saw this
[Cambridge Cycling Campaign – Newsletter 46 (February/March 2003)](
Article explaining some of the energy costs of starting up again after coming to a complete stop. Most cyclists naturally start rolling through stop signs when they can get away with it (myself included when there are no other vehicles around in low traffic areas) because its more efficient to keep moving.
[A bike for me. – Jeff: blog](
[![](]( Very interesting Jeff Jones custom mountain bike design with a four tube fork, super fat 29″ tire in front, stays that run all the way to the head tube in an almost mixte style and still weighs in at around 26 lbs