Cycling Links for July 28

[The Great Divide Project: My GDR Ride Report](
[![David Blaine and his bike prior to the GDR.](]( David Blaine’s 2008 Great Divide Race ride report. David is a Spokane resident like me so I was pulling for him to do well, unfortunately some kind of super bug put him into the hospital about half way through the race.
[Gear Review: Ostrich Handlebar Bag and Velo Orange Decaleur](
[![](]( Alex Wetmore’s in depth review of the Ostrich F104 handlebar bag and Velo Orange Decaleur. Looks like a great bag for commuting or touring.
[The Great Divide Project: The Midnight Century 2008](
Saturday Night August 23, 2008 “some hills, some dirt roads, no support, no t-shirt” An informal Spokane area century ride that starts at Midnight, follows the Centennial Trail and then loops back through Spangle and Cheney. I’d really like to do this ride, but it would probably be a tough sell to Mary this year.
[What Things Look Like in Summer – Copenhagen Cycle Chic](
[![](]( What parking at the beach looks like in The Copenhagen Summer. [At this beach there are 5000 bike rack spaces – and about 10,000 bikes]
[YouTube – Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD]( Video of yet another bad situation involving Critical Mass.
[Drivers shave off nearly 10 billion miles in May – Jul. 28, 2008](
“Americans drove 9.6 billion fewer miles in May compared with a year earlier, according to a report Monday from the Federal Highway Administration.” Pretty good start. Assuming 300 million Americans that’s almost 32 fewer miles driven per person.
[Go Clipless: Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL](
[![](]( Pretty good Crank Bros. Egg Beater clipless pedals review. One definite plus of this system is the ease of clipping in with four possible sides of the pedal.
[ Removing Cars from People – Americas Topsy-Turvy…](
[![](]( Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream wanted to create a roving visual depiction of the US’ out-of whack budget spending. He teamed up with New York graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister and artist/mechanic Tom Kennedy to create the Topsy-Turvy bus, affectionately known as “Topsy.” A very creative and amusing way to get their message across.