Cycling Links for July 29

[Endurance Cycling: Five Mistakes to Avoid](
Good list of five things to avoid when training for longer endurance rides.
[Wildlife Capital of the World – Family On bikes](
![Family on bike near a Welcome to British Columbia sign.]( The Family on Bikes reach British Columbia and touching my metric loving heart switch to kilometers to report all distance related stats for the rest of their trip.
[The Down Low Glow: Neon Safety Lights for Bikes – Rock The Bike!](
[![](]( Colorful glow lights based on cold cathode tubes. With the current price my inclination would be to make my own set up.
[PVC Bike Holder](
[![](]( Cool two bicycle stand made out of inexpensive PVC pipe.
[How to survive on a bike in NYC](
Funny, yet useful tips for navigating NYC (or other urban environments) by bike.