Cycling Links for July 31

[Haruki Murakami: Nobody pounded the table anymore, nobody threw their cups](
“What exactly does it feel like to run 100 kilometers in one day? The acclaimed Japanese author (and fanatical marathoner) discovers that it will change your life for ever, and in ways you could never imagine”
[ Puma Brings Out a Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle For Safe Commutes!](
[![](]( The ultimate night bike commuting solution.
[Wheel life: A guide to Britains new bike tribes](
Entertaining breakdown of the the different types of cyclists prevalent in London (and elsewhere).
[Ines Brunn –](
[![](]( Artistic bicyclist Ines Brunn does her thing at the San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival 2008.
[Bicycle Film Festival](
Awesome looking festival celebrating all things bicycling coming to Portland, OR December 11-13.
[Ride Civil](
RideCivil promotes civility between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. We signal and stop, smile and wave, ride 2 abreast and yield to pedestrians. We won’t be corking or blocking traffic, just safely cycling our city.
RideCivil Artwork on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
[![](]( Clever creative commons licensed RideCivil artwork from Bike Hugger.
[Bear Encounter Redux: The Interview – BikeHacks](
Interview with the road cyclist who ran into a bear at full speed and lived to tell about it.
[![](]( By far the most refined bamboo bike I’ve come across.
[ “Home, James” by Tandem Bike](
[![](]( I hope that job paid well.
[Bike Parking](
[![](]( Now there’s an unconventional bike rack.