Cycling Links for July 30

[A 3W Luxeon Bike Light](
[![](]( A shiny aluminum housed home built 3W Luxeon LED bike light. Another bike related project to tackle at some point.
[Kents Bike Blog: Topeak Morph Pumps](
[![](]( Topeak Morph Pumps have all the functionality a floor pump in a portable package. Very helpful review from cycling guru Kent Peterson.
[Bicycle Fixation: Fourth Street: Boulevard of Broken Wheels](
[![](]( The potential 4th Street bicycle boulevard project in Los Angeles is in dire need of pothole repair, but surface improvement is probably not the priority. This could be an issue here in Spokane as well. Arthur Street between 29th and 43rd on the South Hill would be a great potential bicycle boulevard except for the fact that it is terribly cracked and pothole ridden.
[Overhauling a Coaster Brake Bike](
[![](]( The most thorough guide to overhauling a bike coaster brake hub that I’ve found. Lots of good photos and explanations.
[Bruce Gordon Cycles](
[![](]( Beautiful lugged bike with custom titanium racks in front and back.
[Cooling Vests Body Cooling Clothing ClimatechSafety](
I’m especially intrigued by the vest with two built in batter powered fans. I wonder how well that actually works on a hot day?