Cycling Links for August 2

[A Boy And His Bike – Amsterdamize](
[![](]( Cute video of a 5 year old boy in Amsterdam tooling around on his family’s bakfiets bicycle. It looks like a pretty decent bike to learn how to ride since it’s a tadpole design.
[Quixote as Mountain Biker](
Grizzly Adam waxes eloquent on the idea of Don Quixote as a Mountain Biker.
[Rydjor Bike Shop: Bike Collection](
[![](]( Swiss Army Courier bike.
[Cool Pix You’ve Taken While Cycling – Bike Forums](
Large Bike Forums collection of cool photos taken while riding a bike.
[dammit. (feeling all retro-grouchy) – bikelovejones](
[![](]( Looks like Shimano is finally going to cease U.S. distribution of the classic five speed freewheel.
[Lance in Leadville 100 – Summit Daily](
Lance Armstrong is registered for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race on August 9. [Fat Cyclist]( fans everywhere are already looking forward to the forthcoming race report.