Cycling Links for August 5

[Bike Commute Tips Blog: Bicycle commuting hot, SUVs not](
Google Trends reveals that “bicycle commuting” is picking up steam as a search trend on Google while “hummer” continues the steady decline its seen since 2005.
[Recumbent News: The Busycle: Ride the Ultimate Recumbent](
[![](]( Amusing pedal powered busycle. Like others have said I want to see what kind of speeds it can do when manned by a bunch of serious cyclists!
[![](]( Speedvagen cyclocross bike built by Vanilla Cycles.
[DC Rainmaker: How to use CO2 for cycling &8211; a beginners guide](
[![](]( Great how to guide on using a C02 inflation system for your bike. I still prefer a small pump myself, but if weight is a concern these are a nice solution.
[A year without a car. – Cycle Driven](
A nice recap of what the first year without a car was like for one family.
[Kris Holm: Mountain Unicyclist ](
[![](]( Kris Holm knows how to rock a unicycle like no other.