Cycling Links for August 6

[Schwinn Forums – Look how Toys R Us sells Huffy Bikes](
This is just one more reason to support your local bike shop when purchasing a new bicycle.
[Bike Hugger & The Rise of the Compact Crank (aka “The Death of the Triple”)](
Very thorough discussion of the evolution of the compact double crank and how it is eliminating the need for a triple chain ring in modern bicycle drive trains.
[Bichain Fixed/Free Bicycle Drive Train by Bruce Ingle](
[![](]( Crazy dual chain fixed/free bicycle drive train. The mind boggles.
[Best MTB Photo Contest: Our faves (so far!) – Mountain Bike Blog](
[![](]( Great pictures from the Best MTB Photo Contest.
[Full Cycle – How To Climb Like A Champ](
Good advice for working on hill climbing.
[Masked US cyclists apologize to Olympic organizers – Yahoo! News](
It’s not clear to me why we’re going out of our way to appease the ultra-sensitive Chinese here. Dirty air is dirty air.
[How To Pack Your Bicycle For Transport – CyclePig](
[![](]( Bike packing advice (and options) for the world traveler from Cycle Pig. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try the cling wrap approach, but it’s a unique idea.
[UltraRobs Adventures: Lance Armstrong Pre-Leadville 100 Videos](
Two pre-Leadville 100 videos: one featuring Lance Armstrong talking about his current fitness level and another showing him riding some of the course in preparation.