Cycling Links for August 7

[Bentley RAILBIKE](
[![](]( My blogging compadre Pat at [26 Inch Slicks]( needs one of these for his next [rail run to the border](!
[Newman’s Leadville 100 Page](
Thorough discussion, maps and elevation charts of the Leadville 100 race.
[Pasadena Bicycle Manufacturing Co. Home of the SMP (Side Mount Pedal)](
[![](]( Side mounted clipless pedal design. Proprietary, but interesting.
[Biking With A Buddy – Wired For Noise Blog](
[![](]( Reminds me of my oldest son.
[Josh Hadar – Hadar Metal Design: Gallery](
[![](]( Crazy bike chopper designs by Hadar Metal Design. I wonder how well that one handles?
[Bikes – Old Bikes](
Good miscellaneous compilation of information on a variety of vintage steel bikes. I found the information on Miyatas particularly useful.
[2008 Beijing Summer Olympics – Cycling](
NBC page dedicated to Olympic Cycling event coverage.