Summer Riding To Date

It’s been a fairly uneventful summer of riding so far.  I haven’t gotten in nearly as many long rides as I had thought I might, but I’ve managed to ride my bike every single day since May 2nd.  Lots of commuting, but not as much longer fun riding as I had hoped earlier in the year.  I’m okay with that though, when you’ve got a young family to help out with it can be hard to find extra time for the longer rides and commuting is still plenty fun.

I actually logged almost 200 more kilometers in May than I did in either June or July, mainly because of the metric century I did up to Chewelah over Memorial Day weekend.  I felt great during that ride even though I had minimal riding during March and April.  It was nice to know that I hadn't lost too much of the fitness I worked so hard to build up last summer.

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-384" title="1800 km" src="" alt="" width="400" height="300" /></a>

I should hit 100 consecutive days of riding my bike by the end of the week.  I  crossed the 1800 km mark a few days ago and should pass 2000 km by the end of next week. For comparison's sake I checked my stats and I'm actually 900 kilometers ahead of where I was at this point last year.  Although my cumulative average riding times are still pretty comparable to last year I'm definitely getting faster and feeling stronger when I push myself.

Monday I managed to hammer my ride home in 27:10 and a few days before that I broke the 18 minute barrier on my ride into work with a 17:32 time.  Between my legs getting stronger, losing a little more weight, improving my gearing choices and getting my cadence up I'm really starting to improve my climbing speed.  My legs are also recovering a lot more quickly once I get to the end of climbs too. I still get passed by roadie types with great regularity, but I feel like my climbing ability is getting to be decent for a commuter.

At this point I really want to get in some more fun social rides before the end of summer and maybe a double metric century (and simultaneously my first non-metric century).  I'm going to be taking next week off too so maybe I can finally get in a longer weekday ride with <a href="">John</a>.