Cycling Links for August 8

[O’s Pedal Pushers – Baltimore Sun](,0,3762315.story)
Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and several other Baltimore Oriole players get exercise, save gas by using 2 wheels to commute to the ballpark.
[Rim Ride Carrying Capacity – 2 Epic](
![]( That’s a lot of water bottles!
[What is a Criterium? – Bicycle Frenzy](
Simple explanation of what a criterium race involves.
[How Garmin-Chipotle keeps its riders fresh for the Tour – VeloNews](
Cooling, cooling and more cooling seems to be to be the Garmin-Chipotle mantra post-race.
[Miyata Bicycle Catalogs](
[![](]( Nice collection of Miyata bicycle catalogs from the early 80s through the mid 90s.
[The Alaskan beach bike, birding, packrafting, bar hopping, fishing…](
[![Surley Pugsley fun in an Alaskan slough.](]( Fun fat tire beach bike Alaskan odyssey. I’m especially impressed with the way they broke down their Pugsleys and paddled them in on their packrafts.
[Commuting 101: Lights at night – Commute by Bike](
We’ve come a long ways since the tire driven dynamo headlight combo on my Dad’s Schwinn. Lots of good information on the current lighting technology available to bike commuters.
[Olympic cycling streaming video schedule – Cyclelicious](
Schedule for Olympic cycling streaming video on Video will be broadcast online with a 3 hour delay and all times listed are Pacific time.