Cycling Links For September 1 & 2

[The Rocket-Powered Bicycles.](
[![Vintage Rocket Bicycle](]( Old school rocket bike tomfoolery.
[The PlantLock |](
[![](]( A nice attractive and green variation on the leaner style bike rack.
[Clever Cycles: Portland, Oregon](
[![](]( It didn’t occur to me that bakfiets could come with a see through cover for the front box. An xcellent add on for rainy days.
[Bikes At Work – Bike Trailers, Pedicabs, and More](
[![](]( That’s one long load.
[Bicycle Haiku](
A page full of clever bicycle haikus.
[Vanilla Tricycle –](
[![Vanilla Bicycles Custom Tricycle](]( A Vanilla Bicycles custom tricycle. Looks simultaneously classy and heavy duty to me.
[Derailer Bicycle Collective:](
Denver area community bicycle shop very similar in nature to Spokane’s Pedals 2 People.
[Tempe Bicycle Action Group](
A Tempe, AZ based bike blog.