Cycling Links For September 3

[![](]( That looks like a pretty tough climb.
[How to Build a Helmet Light – Blue Collar Mountain Biking](
[![](]( A halogen based bicycle helmet light design.
[LED Bike Light System](
[![](]( Another do it yourself bicycle lighting solution that looks interesting.
[ Off to France on a flying bike – Times Online ](
[![](]( A pedal powered dirigible will attempt to cross the English Channel again soon, but it sounds like it won’t be easy unless the weather is absolutely perfect.
[How much time does it take to burn X calories –](
Useful calorie expenditure tool for figuring out how long you need to perform a given activity.
[Auto sales plunge – Sep. 3, 2008](
Auto sales fall 15.5% from a year ago for the worst August in 10 years, led by lower demand for pickups and SUVS.
[IRO Cycle Inc.::Home](
Cool bike company specializing in fixies and singlespeeds.
[Top Five Urban Fixed Gear Bicycle Videos – Mikey Wally](
Five entertaining videos featuring a wide variety of fixed gear cyclists running lights, riding on and off road, and doing bike tricks.
[The Bicycle Forest :: Couchbike Rental](
[![](]( Well that’s one way to ease couch potatoes into bicycling.