Cycling Links For September 4

[Tree Branch Bike – Neatorama](
[![](]( This bike looks like it just washed ashore and somebody threw on some wheels.
[Click-Stand Products](
[![](]( Portable miniature kickstand, particularly suited for bikes you don’t want to mount an actual kickstand on.
[Fixed Gear Gallery :: vintage](
[![](]( Post peak oil vacation travel at its finest!
[Hetchins Cognoscenti](
[![](]( 50s era bike- check out those funky stays!
[Seattle rolls out on-street Parking –](
[![](]( Seattle rolls out on street bike parking. Love the rack’s oh so subtle message!
[Spokane Spokaliciousness – Amsterdamize](
Spokane gets some love from Amsterdamize thanks to a 10 minute video created by a Spokane bicycle commuter named Wilma. Not exactly my commute, but fairly close since it starts on the South Hill and the Centennial Trail features prominently.
[Bike Church – Davis Wiki](
Community bicycling program in Davis, CA somewhat similar to Spokane’s [Pedals 2 People](
[Toshihiko Tomita interview – Tramnesia](
I’ve seen YouTube videos of Japanese track races before, but didn’t really understand the context until I watched this video interview with veteran (25 years as a pro!) Keirin cyclist Toshihiko Tomita. Turns out Keirin cycling is one of Japan’s most popular gambling sports and has been an Olympic event since 2000.
[Keirin – Wikipedia](
More in depth information on Keirin cycling from Wikipedia.
[Bicycle frame building for the rest of us.](
[![](]( Very nice intro guide to the process of steel bike frame building.
[Marco Facciola wooden bike with chain –](
[![](]( Cool complete bike proof of concept by a 16 year old kid. I’m guessing with solid wheels like those it probably rides like a tank.
[![](]( Those crazy fixie kids!