Cycling Links For September 5

[Penny Ultralight Alcohol Backpacking Stove](
[![](]( Simple yet highly portable and effective backpacking stove you can make out of a pop can and a penny.  Would also make for a cheap and light alternative to something like a jetboil when going on an S24O.
[Chicago Freak Bike](
[![Crazy Spit Pea Chopper Bicycle](]( Lots of radical home built custom freak bikes at Chicago Freak Bike.
[Ian Hibell, cyclist who pedalled world, killed by hit-and-run…](
[![](]( Another disappointing loss for bicycling. I really need to read Into the Remote Places.
[Wade Simmons nwd7 – MTB Video ](
The cool camera work in this video must have required stringing some cables through the trees and hanging automated cameras- the effect is great and really accentuates the riding and course.