Cycling Links For September 7

[Jetrike.Com – Prior Art](
![Early Jetrike Prototype]( Cool page documenting the various design influences on the Jetrike – a home built lean steering recumbent tricycle.  The pictures above feature an early prototype of the Jetrike.
[Could Folding Wheel Solve Commuters Conundrum? –](
[![](]( A unique folding wheel designed for portability and commuter use that’s primary drawback is its carbon fiber related expense.
[Commuting/Touring Bike](
Detailed guide on the benefits of using a touring style bike as an every day commuter. Lots of good info on brands, models and equipment.
[Early Cycle Lighting](
[![](]( An in depth look into the history of bicycle lighting- oil and kerosene lamps were big for quite a while.
[How to Paint Lance Armstrong Using a Tricycle video and other…](
Mixing three wheels, some paint, and far too much spare time to create a giant size Lance Armstrong portrait.
[Abandoned Bicycles of New York](
[![A large collection of abandoned NYC bicycle photos.](]( A massive photo collection of the abandoned bicycles of New York City. I can’t imagine leaving one of my bikes out in the elements for any length of time let alone abandoning one, maybe that’s part of what makes me a bike geek.
[Sycip Custom Bicycle Messenger Bike](
[![](]( Cool custom messenger bike with couplers, beefy front rack and 3 speed hub in the back. The owner also used it as a randonneuring bike and even rode it in Paris – Brest – Paris.  90,000 miles plus and still going strong!