Spokane Bike Scene Publicity

My friend John Speare just mentioned on his blog that last week’s Inlander features a cover article by Joel Smith on the growing Spokane bike scene.  It’s a nice article and John figures pretty prominently throughout because of his many contributions.  There’s also a nice blurb about the local Spokane bike bloggers and I got a mention there along with several other great cycling blogs around here which is cool:

Although David Blaine wrote about bikes on his blog before Cycling Spokane ever launched, Speare’s blog was the first to make bikes its exclusive focus. It’s not the last, however, as Cycling Spokane begat 100km.us, a bike blog by 34-year-old Gonzaga computer tech support Jason Gilman, who was inspired by Speare’s blog to re-enter the world of bike commuting. Gilman’s and Speare’s aren’t even the only blogs that treat bike issues, though. Blaine has discontinued his old Great Divide-centric blog and opened a new one, Double-Butted Spokane. Blogs like Fresh Abundance, Elephant Pilot Messengers, FBC Spokane and 26InchSlicks also regularly discuss cycling. Even MetroSpokane, the must-read blog on development and urban issues in Spokane, has begun to concern itself more with bikes as a progressive means of transportation and entertainment in Spokane.

We’ve come along ways in the last couple years and I’m excited to be a small part of the movement here in Spokane.