Cycling Links For September 10 & 11

[The Car Whisperer: Enforced](
A happy ending in court for a Chicago cyclist after experiencing a road rage incident with a car driver.
[![](]( This strikes me as fake because starting and stopping for the guy on the top of that massive stack is going to be a problem, but it’s still a cool image.
[ Limited Edition Gold Bike Crystal Edition Pedals In For $111,000](
[![](]( $111,000 gold plated bike takes cycling excess to new levels.
[13 Ways To Get Bike Grease Out Of Clothes – BikeHacks](
Good grease removal tips for bike commuters. Definitely some info that I’m going to want to keep in mind for the inevitable drive train run in.
[A Bicycle Made By Two – CNBC European Business](
In the race to build bikes Taiwan has established itself as a major bicycle manufacturing power that many traditional high end brands turn to.
[VELORBIS Long John](
[![Velorbis Long John cargobike](]( Danish cargobike along the lines of a bakfiets with the front box replaced with a more flexible metal pallet. With a 100kg limit and ample room up front it can easily haul your broken big screen television to the dump.
[Dailymotion – Mondial Du VTT Descente de Venosc](
Impressive 8 minute long mountain bike descent video in the Alps. I’m in awe of how easily the two riders in the video navigated through the many switch backs and slower riders.