Cycling Links for September 12 & 13

[Scraper Bike Video](
Amusing spoke decoration phenomena has sparked a hip-hop song and video- or is it the other way around?
[ MySpaceTV Videos: Share the road by Gavin](
[Share the road]( A video promoting sane and conscientious riding and driving as we share the road together.
[YouTube – tour de france criterium cheval cyclism](
Crazy video of a horse joining a criterium during the Tour de France. Luckily it forgot to turn and eventually ran off the course.
[ Rotation City Bike: Unison Of Different Cycles From Yirong Yang -…](
![]( A unique folding bicycle concept design that can be ridden as a unicycle or a bicycle depending on how it’s deployed.
[Treehugger: Bike Tree Locked Bicycle Storage](
[![](]( Solar powered bike tree provides a futuristic parking alternative.
[the most amazing video ever |](
Crazy urban bike jumping and balancing video demonstrates the benefit of not having a seat on your bike.
[Passing the torch](
[![](]( Cool picture from the 100th Tour de France.