The Sound of One Pedal Scraping

I’ve been nursing my Trek along on the minor bike maintenance front for a few weeks now and it’s getting to the point where I finally need to take some action and actually devote some time to lubing the chain and pedals.  The latter being the project that leaves me uninspired to do either.  I should probably just pick up a couple like the one pictured below- same design as my originals only black.


p style=”text-align: center;”>081/366 - New bike pedal in HDRCreative Commons License photo credit: Arria Belli

Speaking of the pedals, I’ve actually been adjusting to my sub-optimal replacements fairly well over the last week or so and can actually get my feet into my toe clips without looking probably half the time now (as opposed to 95% with my originals). I had a nice double pedal flub crossing 29th at Arthur yesterday where my feet slipped out of both toe clips while trying to beat oncoming traffic.  Scrape.  Scrape.  Scrape.  Fun times.

New pedals aren’t the only thing I need to purchase at the moment- I also need to pick up a couple new inner tubes.  My patched rear tube has a slow leak and I want to replace that completely while rotating my front and rear tires.  The wear difference between my front and back tires is actually pretty crazy.  The front looks close to new, the back looks a lot closer to replacement time than I would prefer.  I just need to get these tires through to November when I’ll replace them with my studded Hakkepalitas again.  Then I’ll buy a set of new tires to roll out next spring sometime.

Note to self: stop by Wheelsport South on the way home today.