Cycling Links For September 16 & 17

[Cycling vest shows how fast you are pedalling – Telegraph](
[![](]( The speed vest is a pretty clever hack. It would be kind of cool to see an actual product developed for sale down the road.
[Bike Race Takedown – Today’s BIG Fail ](
[![](]( The amazing thing about this bike track wipeout was that the bikes weren’t all in one pack yet the chain reaction still took every single participant down.
[KONA 2009 – Ute](
[![](]( The 2009 Kona Ute looks even better than the last years model.
[Off-Road Wheelchair](
[Bicycle Fixation: Streetriders Gallery](
[![](]( Photo gallery of everyday people with their bicycles.
[Danny Macaskill: Trials Bike – MilkandCookies](
More video of skillful (and seatless) trials bike riding tricks and stunts.
[Bike trials – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](
Good explanation on Wikipedia regarding the origins and characteristics of the Trials Bike mountain bike subculture.
[The Problem with Biking in America – The Bygone Bureau](
“Basically, to become mainstream in America, biking needs to be normal. The easiest step to take is if cyclists realize that biking doesn’t make them special. They’re not better than drivers.” An irritating, flawed, and hopelessly circular perspective. The implication being that the problem with biking in America is that the people that are actually biking aren’t normal enough and are in fact exacerbating “the problem” because of our mindset.
[King of the mountain bike – May. 16, 2008](
“Mike Sinyard built Specialized into a top bike brand by listening to what serious cyclists wanted.” I love hearing stories about companies with humble beginnings that just completely take off and exceed all expectations.