Yahoo Purple Pedals Project

Yahoo just launched a pretty cool promotion called the Purple Pedals Project where they sent out 20 customized Electra Townie bikes throughout the world. Each bike is equipped with a solar powered camera, gps and cell phone connection that allows them to upload pictures to Flickr every minute or so.  I’m not entirely sure where all the bikes have been sent yet, but the site lists La Jolla and San Francisco on the West Coast (hopefully they’ve sent one to Portland or Seattle too), NYC and Jersey City on the East Coast,  and  Copenhagen over in Europe.

I’ve found some videos documenting some of the various involved parties as well.  Here’s one about the Copenhagenization of the one sent to Denmark:

And here are some videos from Yahoo documenting the genesis of the bikes themselves:

The fabrication process:

And a little bit about Electra Bike‘s contribution: