150 Days And Counting

I reached one milestone of significance last night by getting in a short 13 km ride after sundown: 150 straight days of riding. I started my streak back on the 2nd of May and slowly, but surely have been racking up the days. I’ve averaged just over 18 km a day during that period as well and should cross 3000 km for the year in another week or so. That puts me a good two months ahead of where I was last year and barring significant snowfall in November and December 4000 km for the year should be attainable.

I haven’t done any especially long rides this month, but it’s been a good month of riding overall. I’ve had 4 or 5 rides over 20 km in addition to my usual daily commute distances and that’s been good enough to give me my highest monthly riding total since May. At the end of this morning’s ride I passed 600 km and I think reaching 650 km might still be attainable with a little extra effort before tomorrow night.

Last year September was also my best month distance-wise. I managed to go 700 km thanks to a metric century and two rides in the 40 – 50 km range. October was my second best month with just over 600 km so I don’t see any reason that shouldn’t hold true this year as well. I’d like to get in at least one more metric century or farther this year, but we’ll see how the weather and my schedule shapes up.

On an interesting note my average speeds have been down by about one km/h for most of the summer. I think I’m actually riding as strong and fast as I’ve ever been, just riding routes with more elevation gain than I did last year and rarely riding down to work via Bernard. Last year I went that way all the time and considering I can average nearly 30 km/h for 10 km without too much effort by going that route it was a good way to pad my average time stats.