A funny thing happened when I went to fill up my car at Rocket Market this morning, I think it may have been a sign. I swiped my debit card, grabbed the 87 octane nozzle, flipped the pump switch and waited for the gas to flow. Nothing happened. I looked at the nozzle again and followed the hose back up to the pump. Someone had disconnected the 87 hose and nozzle from the breakaway coupling and parked the 89 nozzle where the 87 belonged!

Thankfully the prankster hadn’t repeated their trick on any of the other pumps and I was able to fill up my nearly empty tank for the last time in what I hope will be a few months. Despite driving on a beautiful day like today, I haven’t forsaken riding by any means, I just haven’t done any bike commuting since December. Although I haven’t quite broken 300 km for the year to date, my consecutive days of outdoor riding streak is still going strong and barring disaster I should hit the one year mark on May 2nd.

I almost could have ridden my bike into work this morning, but I didn’t quite get my final de-winterization modifications, tweaks and adjustments done until 7AM this morning and I still had to get myself packed and ready for work. There just wasn’t enough time to make it all happen. No excuses for tomorrow though.

My Trek is pretty much ready to go aside from needing a good cleaning. I’ve got new brake pads front and back, new Kenda Cosmos tires on the wheels (they felt really good on a short test ride compared to the studded Nokians I had been riding), and a new front rack. Now I just need to clean out my pannier and start getting everything packed and laid out so I can hit the road at 7AM bright and early tomorrow morning. Fun times ahead.