Bike To Work Week Begins

I’m usually up pretty early in the morning so heading down to help set up the Bike To Work week kick off breakfast today seemed like a no brainer. Of course when I got up just after 4AM and saw that it had been raining overnight I wondered if that might put a damper on the festivities, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. It didn’t really rain any more this morning and turnout this year seemed just as good as last year’s.

Bike To Work Spokane Kickoff

A bunch of my friends and acquaintances in the P2P and bike blogging scene made it down as well so I was able to hang out and chat with them after setting up a bunch of tables, chairs and a couple awnings.

Cool Special Edition P2P T-shirt

This is the awesome special edition Pedals 2 People t-shirt by local artist Tiffany Patterson they were selling off the back of John Speare’s Xtracycle this morning. I was totally tempted to get one, but (un)luckily was a little short of the total cash I would have needed to buy one this morning. Upon later reflection I realized I still need to invest that money into completing the project bike anyway, but perhaps some day…

Astronaut Mike Anderson

After leaving the BTW festivities, I stopped by the Michael Anderson memorial statue briefly to reflect and send positive thoughts towards Florida as the highly risky space shuttle mission to repair Hubble prepares for launch. I always think of how cool I thought it would be to be an astronaut in my pre-Challenger childhood when I ride past that statue. I still think space travel and astronauts are cool, but the realities of the human and monetary costs are a lot more daunting.

GU Across The River

I continued on the short ride into work, but stopped to snap one last picture of the Spokane River, the copper roof of the Jundt Art Museum, and the distinctive twin steeples of St. Al’s.