New Territory

Mt Spokane View

I rode up to 5 Mile Prairie for the first time last night on the way up to an evening visit with my in-laws. I’ve been curious to ride up there since I first started regularly riding north in its shadow a couple years ago. It’s really not that far out of the way from my usual route from work to the in-laws so after consulting Google Maps I decided I would start with my usual route and then try to work my way over to Country Homes from Addison using Lyons Ave.


The first part of the ride was quite pleasant in the afternoon sun, but unfortunately I missed my planned turn at Lyons and ended up having to back track a little on Country Homes to get to Cedar Rd. The Cedar Rd hill reminds me of High Drive in that it’s a long fairly gradual hill with scenic views off to your right as you ascend. Of course it’s also a lot narrower road than High Drive and lacks any kind of bike lane, but traffic was pretty light.

View from Cedar

Once I reached the top of Cedar I rode around the developments on the southeast corner of 5 Mile for a little bit before heading north and west towards 5 Mile Road for the long descent back to Waikiki Rd. That was pretty fun and a nice payoff for the ride up the hill. All in all a fun bit of North Spokane exploration and the longest ride I’ve been able to do in quite a while.