Bike Progress

Shimano Shifters

I may not have working brakes yet, but I made some solid progress on finishing up my Univega’s drivetrain early this morning and shifting is now go. I don’t have a decent pair of cable cutters so I ended up using this dremel tool plus cutting wheel to do all my cable and housing cuts and it worked great.

Cable Cutter Alternative

There were a ton of cool sparks when I cut through the shift cable housing, but I didn’t have any hands free to capture that glorious moment. The shifter housing actually has an inner plastic lining that can melt and block the cable. To avoid this issue I put some scrap cable inside the housing where I made my cut and it worked like a charm. Nine gears now ready to go.

Rear Housing, Derailleur, And Cable

I’m pretty psyched to have everything on this bike finally coming together. It’s been a long time coming. Brakes are next up and then it will probably be time for the maiden voyage. I’m very curious to see how riding this bike will compare to my Trek. I’m not expecting miracles, but I’m hoping to eke out a couple more km/h.