Children of the Sun Trail

My in-laws needed some help with a heavy piece of furniture last night so I decided to try riding up the new Children of the Sun Trail to their house from work rather than my usual way. Turns out that Freya north of the Centennial Trail is actually a relatively bike friendly route to get to the north side of Spokane. Once I got on the trail I didn’t see any other users which is somewhat understandable since it was a hot afternoon and it’s pretty desolate around the trail. That said, it’s really a hidden gem to me though because once I’m off the trail on Farwell the new Shady Slope overpass takes me right into the residential area that I want to get to without messing with the Newport Highway. I have a feeling I’m going to be using this route a lot now that I’ve added it to my navigational memory banks.

Here’s a great video of the trail that Hank Greer put together a while back.